Water Proof Hiking Shoes: A Complete Guide For Hikers In 2023

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Are you planning to go on a hiking trip this year? If yes, then investing in a good pair of waterproof hiking shoes is a wise decision. A good pair of hiking shoes can make your hiking experience comfortable and enjoyable. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about waterproof hiking shoes.

Why do you need Waterproof Hiking Shoes?

Hiking involves walking on different terrains and in different weather conditions. When you are hiking, your feet are exposed to mud, water, rocks, and uneven surfaces. Waterproof hiking shoes protect your feet from getting wet and cold. Wet feet can cause blisters, fungal infections, and other foot-related problems.

Features to Look for in Waterproof Hiking Shoes

When you are buying waterproof hiking shoes, look for the following features:

1. Waterproof Material:

The material of the shoes should be waterproof. Gore-Tex is a popular material used in waterproof shoes. It is breathable and keeps your feet dry.

2. Traction:

The sole of the shoes should have a good grip. It should provide traction on wet and slippery surfaces.

3. Comfort:

The shoes should be comfortable to wear. Look for shoes with good cushioning, arch support, and a comfortable fit.

4. Weight:

The shoes should be lightweight. Heavy shoes can tire your feet quickly and make hiking difficult.

Types of Waterproof Hiking Shoes

There are two types of waterproof hiking shoes:

1. Waterproof Hiking Shoes:

These shoes are low-cut and are suitable for day hikes on easy to moderate terrains. They are lightweight and breathable.

2. Waterproof Hiking Boots:

These boots are suitable for multi-day hikes and challenging terrains. They provide ankle support and are more durable than hiking shoes.

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Caring for your Waterproof Hiking Shoes

To make your waterproof hiking shoes last longer, follow these tips:

1. Clean and Dry:

After each hike, clean your shoes and let them dry. Do not store them wet.

2. Store Properly:

Store your shoes in a cool and dry place. Do not expose them to direct sunlight.

3. Reapply Waterproofing:

After a few hikes, reapply waterproofing spray to maintain the waterproofing of your shoes.


Investing in a good pair of waterproof hiking shoes is essential for any hiker. Look for shoes with waterproof material, good traction, comfort, and lightweight. Choose the type of shoes based on the duration and difficulty of your hike. Proper care and maintenance can make your shoes last longer. Get ready for your next hiking trip with a pair of waterproof hiking shoes.

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