What Is The Price Of Nike Holy Water In 2023?

These 1,425 Jesusinspired sneakers filled with holy water sold out
These 1,425 Jesusinspired sneakers filled with holy water sold out from

The Holy Water Hype

Nike has always been a leader in innovation and creativity when it comes to the world of sneakers. Their latest release, the Nike Holy Water, has taken the sneaker world by storm. The hype surrounding this new release is not just because of its design and comfort, but also because of its unique feature – it contains actual holy water.

The Inspiration Behind the Design

The inspiration behind the Nike Holy Water comes from the traditional Catholic practice of using holy water to bless and protect oneself. Nike wanted to incorporate this practice into their design, creating a shoe that not only looks good but also brings a sense of spirituality to its wearers.

The Design and Features

The Nike Holy Water is a low-top sneaker with a minimalist design. It is made of high-quality leather and features a white and blue color scheme, with a small cross on the heel. The most unique feature of this shoe is the small vial of holy water that is embedded in the sole of the shoe.

The Price of Nike Holy Water

The Nike Holy Water is priced at $999. While this may seem like a steep price for a pair of sneakers, the demand for this shoe has been incredibly high. The limited edition release has made it a highly sought-after item for collectors and sneaker enthusiasts alike.

Where to Buy Nike Holy Water

The Nike Holy Water is only available through select retailers and on the Nike website. Due to its limited release, it may be difficult to find in stores or online. However, many resellers and collectors are offering the shoe for a much higher price than its original retail value.

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Controversy Surrounding the Shoe

The release of the Nike Holy Water has caused controversy among some religious groups. Some have criticized the use of holy water in a commercial product, stating that it disrespects the sanctity of the practice. Nike has responded to these criticisms by stating that the shoe was designed to inspire and bring positivity to its wearers.

The Future of Nike Holy Water

It is unclear whether the Nike Holy Water will be released again in the future. Nike has not made any announcements regarding a re-release or a new design. However, the success of this release may inspire Nike to continue to incorporate spiritual elements into their designs.

The Bottom Line

The Nike Holy Water is a unique and innovative release that has caused a lot of buzz in the sneaker world. While its price may be high, its unique features and design have made it a highly sought-after item. Whether you are a collector or a sneaker enthusiast, the Nike Holy Water is definitely worth checking out.


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