Exploring The Hype: Mschf Jesus Shoes

'Jesus Shoes' with holy water in soles sell for up to 3,000
'Jesus Shoes' with holy water in soles sell for up to 3,000 from


In recent years, sneaker culture has taken the world by storm. From limited edition releases to collaborations with celebrities, sneakerheads are always on the hunt for the next big thing. However, one release that caused quite a stir was the Mschf Jesus Shoes. These sneakers were a limited edition collaboration between the creative agency Mschf and Nike, featuring holy water from the River Jordan in the sole. Let’s dive into the hype and see what makes these sneakers so special.

The Inspiration

The inspiration behind the Mschf Jesus Shoes came from a simple idea. The creative agency wanted to create a shoe that represented the “miracle” of walking on water. The holy water in the sole of the shoe was meant to symbolize this idea, and the overall design was inspired by the story of Jesus walking on water. The shoes were released in October 2019 and quickly gained attention from sneakerheads and religious communities alike.

The Design

The Mschf Jesus Shoes were designed using the Nike Air Max 97 silhouette, with a few modifications. The sole of the shoe was filled with 60cc of holy water that had been sourced from the River Jordan. The water was dyed blue to give the sole a unique look, and the shoe’s insole featured a crucifix design. The sneakers also featured a reference to Matthew 14:25, the Bible verse that tells the story of Jesus walking on water.

The Controversy

As with any controversial release, the Mschf Jesus Shoes sparked a lot of debate. While some saw them as a unique and creative collaboration, others saw them as sacrilegious and offensive. Many religious groups spoke out against the shoes, claiming that they were disrespectful and inappropriate. Nike also faced criticism for their involvement in the release, with some accusing the company of endorsing blasphemy.

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The Sales

Despite the controversy, the Mschf Jesus Shoes sold out within minutes of their release. Only 666 pairs were made available, and they were priced at $1,425 each. The limited edition release made the shoes even more desirable, with many sneakerheads eager to add them to their collection. The resale value of the shoes skyrocketed, with some pairs selling for over $4,000 on sites like eBay.

The Legacy

While the hype around the Mschf Jesus Shoes has died down since their release, they continue to be a topic of discussion in the sneaker and religious communities. The shoes have become a symbol of the intersection between popular culture and religion, and their controversial release has sparked important conversations about the boundaries of creative expression. Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying that the Mschf Jesus Shoes have left a lasting impact on the world of sneakers.


The Mschf Jesus Shoes were a unique and controversial release that sparked a lot of debate. While some saw them as a creative collaboration between Mschf and Nike, others found them to be sacrilegious and offensive. Regardless of your opinion on the shoes, there’s no denying that they left a lasting impact on the world of sneakers and popular culture. The Mschf Jesus Shoes will always be remembered as a unique and boundary-pushing release that challenged our ideas about art, religion, and consumerism.

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