Jesus Shoes 2019: A Unique Sneaker Design Inspired By Faith

Les Jesus shoes, des Nike customisées avec de l'eau bénite, en vente
Les Jesus shoes, des Nike customisées avec de l'eau bénite, en vente from

The Story Behind the Design

In 2019, a Brooklyn-based creative label called MSCHF unveiled a unique sneaker design that took the world by storm. Dubbed as the “Jesus Shoes”, this limited edition footwear was inspired by the concept of walking on water, a biblical act attributed to Jesus Christ. The shoes were a customized version of the Nike Air Max 97 that featured a blue sole, symbolic of the Sea of Galilee, and contained holy water sourced from the river Jordan, infused into the soles. The tongue of the shoes had the verse “Matthew 14:25” written on it, the bible verse that describes Jesus walking on water.

Controversy and Popularity

The Jesus Shoes were initially priced at $1,425 per pair and were sold out within minutes of their release, despite the steep price tag. The shoes gained massive popularity on social media, with people showing off their purchases and praising the unique design. However, the release of the shoes also sparked controversy, with some critics calling it a gimmick and others accusing the designers of blasphemy. Nevertheless, MSCHF defended the design, stating that it was meant to be a “sacred object” and a commentary on the commercialization of religion.

Features and Specifications

Apart from the holy water and biblical references, the Jesus Shoes also featured a crucifix attached to the laces and an insole printed with the words “MSCHF INRI”, an acronym for “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews”. The shoes came in a custom-made box with a “seal of authenticity” and were individually numbered. The shoes were available in sizes ranging from US 7 to US 13 and were sold exclusively online. The design was limited to 24 pairs, each of which was individually numbered.

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The Jesus Shoes were a unique sneaker design that combined faith, art, and fashion. Although controversial, the shoes gained massive popularity and became a symbol of the intersection between religion and consumerism. Whether you love or hate the design, there’s no denying that the Jesus Shoes were a one-of-a-kind creation that captured the attention of the world.

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